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When a family member passes away, those left behind face an array of necessary but intimidating legal steps and processes. If the decedent had a valid will in place, the process may be relatively straightforward from a legal perspective but still procedurally complex. If there was no will or there are serious questions regarding its validity, experienced legal counsel is essential.

Do You Need Legal Representation To Navigate The Probate Process?

Under Illinois law, the opening of a probate case may not be necessary if your loved one had a living trust or assets valued at less than $100,000, for example. Most estates are subject to probate, however, and dependable legal guidance is often the key to preventing problems and delays in this stressful time.

Important considerations include:

  • Essentially, probate is a legal process for collecting assets and distributing them to the rightful heirs, settling debts of the decedent and wrapping up other affairs. The failure of an heir or representative to meet probate requirements can result in personal liability.
  • You may need basic legal guidance to interpret a will and determine what other estate planning tools and documents are in place — whether or not you ultimately need probate representation.
  • Our Illinois probate attorneys will assess your situation honestly and with integrity, including offering a referral if you are facing potentially complex litigation or have other needs best met by another resource.

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