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Estate Planning Problems

Planning for the inevitable and the unexpected is something many people put off longer than they should. That is understandable, but the results can be very financially detrimental and emotionally difficult for those we leave behind. In addition to taking the vital step of drafting your will and other key documents, it can be essential to work with an estate planning attorney who will advise you honestly and guide you through the process.

From time to time, we hear about celebrities who have failed to leave a will, resulting in costly and acrimonious estate-related disputes among their heirs or outcomes they likely did not intend. This is a risk for “ordinary” people as well.

What Are Some Of The Most Common Estate Planning Problems?

At Bradford Miller Law, P.C., we guide people through the estate planning process as efficiently and effectively as possible, with an eye toward helping our clients avoid potentially serious mistakes such as:

  • Failing to leave any will at all, forcing complex intestate proceedings
  • Leaving a will that, due to technical or basic errors such as improper witnessing, may be declared invalid or subject to a will contest
  • Allowing your will and other documents to become outdated although amendment is necessary to account for changes in family circumstances or other factors
  • Not drafting powers of attorney or health care directives that appoint the people you want to make important decisions should you die or become incapacitated
  • Missing opportunities to lawfully protect assets from excessive taxation through proper planning that may involve tools such as living trusts

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Using do-it-yourself online resources or even a general practice law firm for estate planning could lead to serious oversights and problems. Our experienced Chicago, Illinois, lawyers are an excellent resource for people with basic or somewhat more complex estate planning needs. To get started or discuss whether our services are right for you, call 312-815-6637 or contact us online today.