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Estate Planning Basics

Many people delay estate planning because they are busy, simply do not want to think about it, have concerns about the cost or for a variety of other reasons. At our Chicago, Illinois, law firm, we strive to make the estate planning process as painless, efficient and affordable as possible.

Our lawyers are always willing to hear you out, answer your questions and identify the solutions right for you. We do not “over-lawyer” or propose costly steps and tools that go beyond what our clients need. Our work in this important area of law starts with ensuring those we serve have a solid understanding of basic estate planning concepts and options.

Objectives, Essentials And Cautions About Estate Planning

A few important points and considerations are:

  • For most people, protection of family members is the primary goal of estate planning. This includes ensuring assets go to your intended heirs and that the right people have authority to make decisions should you die or become incapacitated.
  • Gaining a basic understanding of the Illinois probate process can be very important in defining your estate planning goals and the tools right for your situation.
  • Virtually every adult should have a few basic estate planning documents in place such as a will and powers of attorney for health care and property.
  • It can be especially crucial for people with unique family situations, such as those with both their own biological children and stepchildren, to consult with an experienced estate planning lawyer.
  • Although there are a variety of online do-it-yourself estate planning services, it is common for people who use them to create estate planning problems far more costly for their heirs than it would have been to work with a practical, focused law firm such as ours.

Are You Ready To Consult A Cook County Wills And Trusts Lawyer?

The peace of mind attainable through basic estate planning is real and within easy reach. At Bradford Miller Law, P.C., we strive to make the process as direct and time-efficient as we can while addressing each client’s individual goals. By providing a basic questionnaire you can complete on your own, we help make face-to-face meetings straightforward and productive.

For a free consultation to discuss your estate planning goals and how we can help you achieve them, call 312-815-6637 toll free or email our legal team anytime.