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Owners may defend against building code violations

Vacant buildings can be more than a nuisance, and Chicago authorities make every effort to hold owners accountable for the safety and livability of their buildings. Understandably, if a property is a danger to its residents or others because of building code violations, the owner will likely receive a citation, and fines will begin to accumulate. However, sometimes those violations or dangerous conditions are not within the control of the owner.

Harsher penalties for Illinois building code violations

Cities and communities across Illinois are fighting against decay and crime, and several of these municipalities are holding landlords responsible. By tightening regulations and penalties regarding nuisance properties, authorities hope to reduce the number of properties used as fronts for drug houses and other types of crime. Owners cited for building code violations may find themselves facing hefty fines and more frequent inspections.

Common building code violations and causes

As an Illinois property owner, you likely strive to make your rental properties as comfortable, inviting and accommodating as possible for your tenants. Even the most careful property owner can sometimes unknowingly commit building code violations, however, and understanding some of the more common violations may help you recognize and address related problems before you find yourself in hot water. At Bradford Miller Law PC, we represent many clients involved in building code violation disputes, and we have considerable knowledge of what it takes to stay in or regain compliance.

Lax city inspections may be allowing dangerous violations

Tenants in low-income housing should expect their landlord to maintain the building and prevent any threats to their life or property. The City of Chicago’s Department of Buildings should be enforcing the rules and regulations of the Chicago Building Code to make sure the property owner fulfills these responsibilities.

Check for these important building code violations

A house that has been built according to building code specifications goes a long way towards ensuring that you stay safe and comfortable. On the other hand, houses which display one or several violations of the code are unsafe for habitation. There are some basic building code violations that you should check for before moving into a new house.