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Tips to help with buying your first condo

The time you have been working so hard for has finally arrived. You are ready to buy your first condo in Chicago. While there are similarities in buying a house and a condo, there are different things you should consider and different concerns you should have. For example, when you purchase a house, you typically do not have a shared common area for which you and other residents have to pay maintenance fees.

Is a neighbor's overgrown tree scaring potential buyers away?

Buying a home can be a difficult and complicated process. People don't want to inherit baggage when moving into a new home. That could include needing to deal with an inconsiderate or difficult neighbor. If you have a neighbor who planted a tree on or near the property line, that tree could be a source of future issues. Will it produce fruit or flowers that will drop and cause a mess? Will leaves require regular raking? Buyers are concerned about future expenses, including property damage if a branch comes down on your porch or fence.