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Reasons for seeking help with landlord services and evictions

While tenants may complain that landlords treat them unfairly, landlords also have their share of issues with tenants. Fortunately for many in Illinois, rental contracts and leases provide an excellent guide for the rights and responsibilities of those involved in renting property. Nevertheless, eviction is sometimes a necessary step. Because of the complex nature of property management, some managers rely on professional assistance for landlord services and evictions.

Landlords cannot indiscriminately evict their tenants. In fact, the laws protecting tenants allow a landlord to begin the eviction process only for specific reasons. For example, if a tenant is using a unit for an illegal purpose, such as running a business when the property is zoned residential, a landlord may have cause to remove the renter. Of course, any illegal business, such as selling or manufacturing drugs, is certainly a breach of a leasing agreement and may result in an eviction.

A landlord may also have cause to evict tenants for reasons not related to tenant behavior. For example, the building may require remediation for lead paint or asbestos, potentially placing tenants in danger. The property owner may also file for eviction if he or she intends to move into the unit or allow a family member to live there.

Because laws vary from state to state, Illinois landlords may find it helpful to seek assistance for landlord services and evictions. An attorney who is familiar with state real estate and renter laws can provide those services. Taking advantage of professional advice may prevent a landlord from making legal mistakes when dealing with tenants.

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