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September 2017 Archives

Residential real estate trends perplex Chicago analysts

Chicago residents looking for a new home may already have an idea of the section of the city or suburbs where they want to live. Often homebuyers look for certain areas within their price range because of the schools, proximity to transportation or other amenities that make living there convenient and enjoyable. Keeping an eye on residential real estate listings with such perks may prove frustrating to those who have a wish list that includes a location on the north side of the city.

Will Amazon bring commercial real estate gold to Chicago?

When the retail giant Amazon announced its search for a location for its second massive headquarters, cities from all over the country began wooing the giant retailer. Chicago threw its hat into the ring, hoping to win the headquarters and all the benefits that come with it. Among those perks include the potential for revitalizing struggling areas, repurposing vacant commercial real estate and, best of all, bringing up to 50,000 employment opportunities to the chosen city.

Tips to help with buying your first condo

The time you have been working so hard for has finally arrived. You are ready to buy your first condo in Chicago. While there are similarities in buying a house and a condo, there are different things you should consider and different concerns you should have. For example, when you purchase a house, you typically do not have a shared common area for which you and other residents have to pay maintenance fees.

Reasons for seeking help with landlord services and evictions

While tenants may complain that landlords treat them unfairly, landlords also have their share of issues with tenants. Fortunately for many in Illinois, rental contracts and leases provide an excellent guide for the rights and responsibilities of those involved in renting property. Nevertheless, eviction is sometimes a necessary step. Because of the complex nature of property management, some managers rely on professional assistance for landlord services and evictions.

Harsher penalties for Illinois building code violations

Cities and communities across Illinois are fighting against decay and crime, and several of these municipalities are holding landlords responsible. By tightening regulations and penalties regarding nuisance properties, authorities hope to reduce the number of properties used as fronts for drug houses and other types of crime. Owners cited for building code violations may find themselves facing hefty fines and more frequent inspections.