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August 2017 Archives

Urb-suburban is new commercial real estate trend

For many developers and owners of office buildings in Illinois, a big question is whether to focus on real estate spaces in urban or suburban areas. Some have chosen to take advantage of both areas by tapping into the new urb-suburban vibe in commercial real estate. This concept is a way of describing the placement of suburban office properties in pedestrian-friendly settings that offer easy access to urban amenities.

Residential real estate bargains found in short sales

House hunting can be an exciting adventure, and sometimes a gem can drop right into the buyer's lap. If the deal goes smoothly, the new homeowners may be able to move in less than two months. However, some Illinois shoppers may be looking for a real bargain, and one option they may consider is a short sale. Short sales are often a complex and frustrating aspect of residential real estate, but if successful, buyers can land a sweet deal at a rock-bottom price.

A delicate balance for Chicago commercial real estate

Chicago has not been immune from the trickle-down effect of recent retail struggles. As large retailers close or downsize the brick-and-mortar sides of their corporations, commercial real estate owners across the country are left with vacancies. However, savvy investors are finding success by planning the right ventures in the best locations.

Is a neighbor's overgrown tree scaring potential buyers away?

Buying a home can be a difficult and complicated process. People don't want to inherit baggage when moving into a new home. That could include needing to deal with an inconsiderate or difficult neighbor. If you have a neighbor who planted a tree on or near the property line, that tree could be a source of future issues. Will it produce fruit or flowers that will drop and cause a mess? Will leaves require regular raking? Buyers are concerned about future expenses, including property damage if a branch comes down on your porch or fence.

Landlords can avoid many problems with careful tenant screening

Dealing with tenants is not always the frustration some in Illinois may think. Many times, landlords and tenants get along fine and may even develop friendships. It is likely that the landlords fortunate enough to have such relationships paid careful attention to their vetting process when opening a unit for rent. Relying on a good or bad vibe does not always translate to a positive rental experience.

Preparing for a court hearing over eviction

If you rent property to tenants, you may find that eviction has become obligatory for one reason or another. At Bradford Miller Law, we know how upsetting these matters can be for landlords in Chicago, Illinois. For example, you may not want to evict your tenant but you might have no other choice. Whether they are disturbing the community or are unable to pay rent, there are many reasons why landlords find themselves in this position. If you are going to court over eviction, it is essential to prepare for the hearing appropriately.