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Evicting a tenant for drug-related offenses

As a landlord, you may worry about your property and the people whom you have rented it to for a number of reasons, whether you think that their animals will damage the premises or you are not receiving rent on time. Unfortunately, some tenants in Chicago violate the law by committing various types of drug offenses. If you know that a person renting your home or apartment is carrying out unlawful drug-related activities, you should look into your legal options and address the situation at once.

Whether your tenant is breaking the law or breaking the terms of the rental agreement which stipulate that drugs are not allowed on the premises, you should not be afraid to protect your property and defend your rights as a landlord. Sometimes, tenants manufacture drugs from an apartment or home, which can damage the building and, in some cases, may even result in the entire unit burning to the ground. Or, perhaps your tenant is selling drugs from the premises, which may attract dangerous people. For example, other tenants living nearby may be worried about the safety of their children due to the drug activity.

Fortunately, many landlords have been able to resolve the situation and protect their property by evicting tenants who break the law due to drug violations. If you go have a look at our page dedicated to landlord services and evictions, you will be able to access more information on the topic of removing a tenant from a rental property.