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Illinois business owner evicted

There are different reasons why landlords have to move forward with an eviction. In Chicago, and in cities all over the state of Illinois, tenants may fail to pay rent, create a nuisance for others, or damage the property, to name but a few of the hurdles landlords may encounter. However, landlords should not have to feel hopeless and allow tenants to continuously violate the terms of the rental agreement. For landlords going through these challenges, eviction may help them move on quickly.

An Illinois business owner was recently evicted after he failed to show up in court one week earlier. The man, who was running a bar on the premises, was apparently non-compliant with the liquor license law, which required him to have a lease for one year. The bar was located in Elgin.

On top of being evicted, the business owner is also facing legal action due to his alleged failure to pay bills. Documents claim that the man failed to pay thousands of dollars to a digital marketing company, a food vendor, and an electric company.

Unfortunately, landlords are often unable to spot potentially problematic tenants when renting out property. However, once it has become evident that evicting the tenant is necessary, landlords should carefully go over their rights and the details of their circumstances. While heading to court may seem stressful to some landlords, especially if they already have enough anxiety over a tenant, talking about the situation with an experienced legal professional could be helpful.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Sheriff’s office serves eviction notice on Elgin’s Smooth Fox,” Janelle Walker, June 8, 2017

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