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Evicting tenants who disturb the peace

Landlords may decide to evict tenants for an array of reasons. In some cases, these evictions are financial in nature, while others may be based on a tenant’s behavior. If you are involved in a dispute with your tenant and wish to evict them for disturbing the peace, it is important for you to carefully assess the details of the situation as you move forward. At Bradford Miller Law, we know how difficult these circumstances can be for landlords in Chicago and across Illinois.

If you have a tenant who is disturbing the peace on a regular basis, you may be struggling with a variety of issues. In addition to receiving complaints from neighbors, or other renters who live in the same building, you might be unsure of your rights as a landlord. Whether your tenant is playing loud music in the middle of the night or upsetting people who live nearby for other reasons that violate the law, you should not feel as if you are trapped. Unfortunately, some tenants simply refuse to cooperate and they must be held accountable for their behavior.

Sometimes, landlords feel as if the last thing they want to do is evict a tenant, but eviction has become necessary. In other cases, landlords may be very frustrated with the behavior of their tenants and cannot wait any longer to have them removed. If you go over to our page on landlord services and evictions, you can peruse more material related to evicting a tenant.