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Common building code violations and causes

As an Illinois property owner, you likely strive to make your rental properties as comfortable, inviting and accommodating as possible for your tenants. Even the most careful property owner can sometimes unknowingly commit building code violations, however, and understanding some of the more common violations may help you recognize and address related problems before you find yourself in hot water. At Bradford Miller Law PC, we represent many clients involved in building code violation disputes, and we have considerable knowledge of what it takes to stay in or regain compliance.

Per Chicago Agent, many of today’s most commonly cited building code violations involve issues relating to general design and accessibility. Plumbing code violations are especially common in rental properties like yours, with improper notching ranking among the most common plumbing-related violations. Pipes lacking adequate support and improper or missing nail plates follow closely behind.

To reduce your chances of receiving a building code violation, you will want to make sure that your properties adhere to all electrical and energy code requirements. Common electrical code violations include grounding problems, improper or insufficient labeling of circuits and inadequate ground fault circuit indicator protections, among others. Common violations of energy codes include the improper installation of insulation near wires and pipes and the improper or insufficient sealing of ducts and penetrations through outside walls.

If you rent properties with decks, know that these, too, are frequently the source of building code violations. Decks must have adequate handrails installed to ensure renters do not fall, and many property owners face violations for lacking ledger connections between the deck and the rest of the property. More information about building code violations is available on our web page.