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Rental properties and tenant safety

Some people purchase real estate in Chicago because they are thinking about turning them into rental properties. Before doing so, they should first learn about their responsibilities and how they can impact tenant safety. Many people are under the assumption that all they need to do is to fix up their buildings, so they meet all building codes and market them to possible tenants. These are not the only obligations they have as landlords. Property owners who fail to maintain their properties, so they remain hazard-free may find themselves facing lawsuits from their tenants.

According to The Balance, property owners must make repairs to their properties. They can hire outside help to perform the repairs or do them on their own. However, all repairs must meet all building codes and regulations. Done poorly done repairs can result in safety hazards that can affect tenant safety and lead to injuries and death. If there are hazards that can result in harm to their tenants, property owners should take action to inform their tenants by posting notices around the dangerous areas and buildings and in the entryways. They should also consider notifying their tenants of safety issues by mail and phone.

Landlords are also responsible for keeping their properties reasonably safe from criminal activities. Property owners must ensure there is sufficient lighting, secure locks on all doors, windows and entry points. If there are safety issues that landlords know about but fail to correct in a timely manner or inform their tenants about, “they can be held legally responsible for their tenants’ injuries,” states Landlordologycom.

Being a landlord is a major responsibility. Property owners are not just responsible for keeping their buildings intact and safe, but they must also cater to their tenants’ safety.