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Why you need a real estate lawyer when buying a home

Chicago is the third largest city in the United States. With a population density of nearly 12,000 people per square mile, many issues can arise when buying and selling property. Perhaps other than getting married or having a child, buying a home is the biggest commitment you will make in your life.

When purchasing a home, you will encounter a unique set of legal issues related to property, contract and finance law that you should be aware of when making such a commitment. Local property laws, zoning regulations and finance law all need to be taken into account.

It is understandable that you may not know the nuances of real estate law, but it could leave you underprepared when buying a home. Because Chicago is a densely populated city with high-value property, hiring a real estate attorney to manage the transaction is a standard practice for buyers.

When does an attorney come into the process?

At least four parties are involved when buying and selling a home. These include you, the real estate agent, the seller and the lending institution. A real estate attorney will step in on your behalf after the selling price and terms have been put in writing. Your attorney can negotiate repairs and ensure that the home you are interested in has a marketable title.

The real estate agent will work in good faith to ensure the interests of both parties as buyers and sellers are met in the transaction. However, your financial situation, life goals and property are unique.

The real estate agent may use template documents or broad contract provisions that do not take into account your situation. A simple oversight in language can create unforeseen problems related to repairs and zoning that could cost you later in the life of your home.

Can an attorney help me understand a mortgage?

A mortgage is used to finance a significant portion of home costs. You may have been pre-qualified for a mortgage before you sought out a real estate agent, but there are still steps to take to ensure the deal is in your best interest.

Since the Great Recession and financial crisis in 2008, lending and mortgage laws have changed significantly and could change again following the 2016 election. A real estate lawyer will help you stay up to date with any changes in the law that could affect your mortgage while buying a home. Ensuring your mortgage is secure will put you at ease as you sign the purchase agreement and closing papers.

Investing in the services of an accomplished and energetic real estate lawyer can save you a future headache in your home.


This article does a great job of breaking down what it is that a real estate attorney does and why you need their help during the home buying process. A lot of people don't realize just how complicated the whole "buying a home process" can be and end up way in over their head. Working with a real estate attorney is a great way to get things laid out nice and simple for you while also having someone on your side for when things get tough or confusing.

I appreciate the information on why you would need a real estate attorney when buying a home, it was very helpful. I agree that one of the best parts about having a real estate attorney is that they can fight for any repairs on your new home and help save you money on a lot of other things in the buying process. I would imagine that a lot of people that go without an attorney end up with some expenses that they have to pay for out of their own pockets.

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