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Points to remember when closing on a home

The excitement and anticipation of moving into a new home often results in home-buyers overlooking many of the problems with the construction they might have otherwise noticed. However, most errors happen simply because the buyers don’t know exactly what to look for during the final walk-through.

To avoid making such errors, it is helpful to hire a professional home inspector to walk-through with you. You should also demand all documentation and warranties from the contractor prior to this time and make a checklist early on so you know what to look for during the final inspection if a professional home inspector is not an option. Any problems that you notice during the final walk-through should be brought up to your contractor and they should be fixed before the deal is closed.

Make sure that you ask the builder to provide you with a list of all the subcontractors, a copy of the builder’s warranty, a final copy of the architecture containing stamps of the architect as well as the engineers and future maintenance schedules. Collecting all these documents now will help you if a defect shows up later on. The same is true for copies of all product warranties as they can be claimed if defects were to show during that time period.

These little steps done at the right time help you save yourself from more serious issues. If defects do become visible over time, with the proper documentation in your hands, you can easily decide how to go about fixing them and who to call for the repairs. For better guidance on the matter, you may seek the help of legal counsel.