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November 2016 Archives

Points to remember when closing on a home

The excitement and anticipation of moving into a new home often results in home-buyers overlooking many of the problems with the construction they might have otherwise noticed. However, most errors happen simply because the buyers don't know exactly what to look for during the final walk-through.

Why you need a real estate lawyer when buying a home

Chicago is the third largest city in the United States. With a population density of nearly 12,000 people per square mile, many issues can arise when buying and selling property. Perhaps other than getting married or having a child, buying a home is the biggest commitment you will make in your life.

How landlord-tenant issues pose unique legal problems

When a landlord-tenant dispute arises, each side is going to think that he or she is in the right. These disputes can be about minor issues or major problems, but in either case, but sides are going to need to handle the matter at hand in a professional manner. Otherwise, they risk creating an even bigger problem.